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"Let's become a sharing person." —Seulgi

Kang Seul-gi (Hangul: 강슬기, born on February 10, 1994), known by the mononym Seulgi, is a South Korean singer, dancer, and television personality. She is the lead vocalist and main dancer of South Korean girl group Red Velvet.



Seulgi auditioned for SM Entertainment in 2006 through an open audition. She didn't receive a call back until a year later and began training in 2007 during her first year in middle school.[2]

2014–2020: Debut with Red Velvet

On July 17, 2014, she was announced as a member of girl group Red Velvet and assigned to represent the color yellow. On August 1 2014, the group officially debuted with "Happiness".

Seulgi played the main lead, Dorothy, in SM Entertainment's hologram musical, School Oz, which had the first screening on January 14, 2015.[3] Seulgi was featured on the JTBC variety show Off to School, where she attended Gyeonggi Arts High School for three days along with other idols, which aired from April 2015 to May 2015.[4] She went on MBC's music variety show, King of Mask Singer, on October 2, 2016, where she went under the name Cinema Heaven.[5]

On February 23, 2018, OSEN reported that Seulgi would be part of the cast for Law of the Jungle in Mexico, which aired from May to July.[6] On July 21, 2018, she alongside Wendy was on the special 100th episode of KBS's variety show Battle Trip.[7] On October 26, 2018, JTBC posted a video announcing that Seulgi would be one of the MCs for their variety show Cool Kids.[8] On Episode 7, the MCs revealed that Seulgi along with Hyun-min had left the show.

2020: Irene & Seulgi subunit

On April 21, 2020, Seulgi was announced as a member of the Red Velvet subunit Red Velvet - Irene & Seulgi alongside member Irene. They debuted with the mini album Monster on July 6, 2020.

2021:, GOT the beat

On April 2, 2021 Music content company 11018 stated that Seulgi would be the new MC for their new music variety The Wise Music Encyclopedia which connects to the music documentary that SBS made called, Legendary Stage Archive K.[9] On May 31, Naver NOW made a statement revealing that Seulgi would be having her own show, which would premiere on June 1.[10] The show aired on every Tuesday and Thursday at 10pm KST and had it's last episode on November 25.[11]

On December 27, 2021 Seulgi was revealed alongside Wendy as one of the members of GOT the beat, the first unit of the project group Girls On Top.[12] The unit debuted on January 3, 2022 with the digital single "Step Back".

2022: Solo debut with "28 Reasons"

On September 6, Mydaily reported that Seulgi will be making her solo debut sometime in October. A couple hours later, SM confirmed the reports and added that that she is preparing her album with the aim for it to be released in October.[13] On September 13, it was revealed that Seulgi will be debuting with her first mini album, 28 Reasons[14], on October 4. The album contains six songs including the title track, "28 Reasons".[15]



Year Album Song Note
2016 SM Station Season 1 "Sound of Your Heart" with Lee Dong Woo, Yesung, Sunny,

Luna, Wendy, Taeil & Doyoung

2017 "Darling U" with Yesung
Fall in, girl Vol. 3 "Our Story" with Chiywol
SM Station Season 2 "Doll" with Kangta and Wendy
2018 SM Station X 0 "Wow Thing" with Jeon Soyeon, Chungha and SinB
2021 Like Water "Best Friend" with Wendy


Year Album Artist Song Note
2014 Fantastic Henry "Butterfly"
2017 High School Rapper FINAL Mark (NCT) "Drop"
Move Taemin (SHINee) "Heart Stop"
2018 Selfish Moon Byul (MAMAMOO) "Selfish"
ZZZ Zion. T "Hello Tutorial"


Year Album Song Note
2016 Uncontrollably Fond OST Don't Push Me With Wendy
2017 Idol Drama Operation Team OST Deep Blue Eyes Girl Next Door
Hwarang OST I Can Only See You With Wendy
Blade & Soul OST You, Just Like That Solo
2019 The Crowned Clown OST Always Solo



Year Title Role Notes
2015 SMTown: The Stage Herself Documentary Film of SM Town
2020 Trolls World Tour Gomdori Animated Film

TV Shows

Year Title Network Role Note
2015 Off to School JTBC Cast Episode 40–43
100 People, 100 Songs Contestant Episode 31, with Wendy
Immortal Songs 2 KBS2 Episode 223-224, with Wendy and Joy
2016 M Countdown Mnet Special host Episode 494, with Joy
King of Mask Singer MBC Contestant Episode 79 as "Cinema Heaven"
Idol Battle Likes KBS2 Host Episode 1
2017 Girl Group Battle Contestant Korean New Year special, with Wendy and Joy
M Countdown Mnet Special host Episode 510 and 511, with Wendy and Yeri
High School Rapper Featured artist Episode 8, with Mark Lee (NCT)
Idol Drama Operation Team KBS2 Cast
2018 Law of the Jungle in Mexico SBS Part of second half team in Mexico (Ep.320–324)
Secret Unnie JTBC with Sunmi
Battle Trip KBS Contestant With Wendy (Ep. 100–103)
Cool Kids JTBC Host Episodes 1-6
2020 King of Mask Singer MBC Panelist Episode 259
Yeri's Room Dum Dum Studio Youtube Guest with Irene
Where is My Home? MBC with Irene, Jeonghan, and Seungkwan
Weekly Idol with Irene, Episode 469
Knowing Brothers: After-School Activities JTBC with Irene, Episode 240

Radio DJ

Year Radio Channel Role Note
2015 Kiss the Radio KBS Cool FM Special DJ October 13 with Wendy

Music video appearances

Year Song Album Artist(s) Official video(s)
2014 "Fantastic" Fantastic Henry YouTube
2015 "Wish List" Winter Garden f(x) Youtube
2016 "One Day One Chance" School Oz OST SM Entertainment



Year Title Role Notes
2014-2015 School Oz Dorothy Lead Role


Year Endorsement
2018 Converse Korea
2019 Coca Cola (with Park Bogum)
2019 L'Occitane X OMY City Palette

Awards and Nominations

Year Award Show Category Nominated Work Result
2017 Melon Music Awards Hot Trend Award Deep Blue Eyes (as Girls Next Door) Nominated
Naver's 2017 Fashionista Awards Rising Star Award Nominated


  • Out of the 5 members, she trained the longest, training for a long duration of seven years, being cast back in 2007.[16]
  • She is the only member, and the only female SM Entertainment artist, to have single eyelids. She has an older brother ( 1991 Feb 3 )
  • She was born the same year as Wendy. Both have suffered vocal nodules. In Seulgi's case, it happened in her 5th and 6th year, which transitioned her into a dancer.
  • Seulgi was mentioned by labelmate Kyuhyun from Super Junior, gaining some attention before debut.
  • She got the nickname "Bear" from labelmate Amber from f(x).
  • She likes to imitate Pikachu.
  • She walks without moving her upper body, so it looks as if she was wearing heelies or being on a conveyor belt.
  • She can speak Japanese.
  • Her favourite number is 20.
  • Her English name is Angela. It was given to her by a teacher when she studied in an English institute.
  • She represents the color of Yellow.
  • She can neither wink nor do the splits.
  • Her designated animal is a brown bear since the release of Red Velvet's 2020 Seasons' Greeting. Prior to that, it would be a unicorn since debut to pre-Summer Magic era, and a polar bear from Summer Magic era till the release of their 2020 Seasons' Greeting.
  • Her representative fruit is a pineapple.
  • Her representative weapon is a knife.
  • Her representative drink is Yellow Breeze.
  • She has shown an imitation of an ostrich in various variety shows.
  • Her role model is Beyoncé.
  • Her hobbies are drawing and going to the Karaoke alone.
  • She claims that she has a habit of leaving a mess and cracking her bones, especially the knuckles.
  • Her ways of relieving stress are organizing thoughts by writing in a diary, eating with the people she likes and going to the Karaoke alone.
  • She collects stickers, pens and notes.
  • She used to share a room with Wendy.
  • She now has her own room.
  • Her zodiac sign is Aquarius.
  • She trained with f(x) and EXO.
  • She has appeared in several CFs, including Baskin Robbins, Lotte Pepero, Meters/Bonwe, and BLACK Martine SITBON.
  • She starred in the SM Entertainment musical, “School Oz” as Dorothy.
  • Her Chinese name is Jiang sèqí (Jiang Su Qi).
  • She has a older brother.
  • She can play the guitar.
  • Her best subject at school was PE.
  • Despite this, her reaction times are the slowest and moves slowly.
  • She loves Pringles, even receiving a congratulatory message from Pringles UK's Twitter on her birthdays.
  • She prefers male choreography like hip hop dances.
  • Irene's first impression about Seulgi was that she was odd but that made her even cuter
  • Before her debut Super Junior Kyuhyun mentioned her a lot on Radio Star. On 093015 Seulgi when on Radio Star and said" I was practicing when my trainee friends came and said I've come up on the real-time searchers. I stayed at first place without falling", Kyuhyun responded with the word " I've dug up a star"
  • Recently on MBC's Idol's True Colors she said sometimes she is conscious of her ears.
  • She is part of the South Korean television program "Idol Drama Operation Team" and its project female group Girls Next Door.
  • At the Music Bank festival in Singapore she did a cover of "Bang Bang" by Jessie J, with Hwa Sa from the South Korean girl group "MAMAMOO".
  • She was named one of the "Precious Yet Powerful" Idols that prove duality man undoubtedly exists. [17]
  • Her favorite movie is Before Sunrise. [18]
  • She is friends with Jisoo from Blackpink, Lee Chaeyeon, Chaeryeong from Itzy, Moonbyul from Mamamoo, Sunmi, Amber from f(x), Taeyeon and Hyoyeon from SNSD, BoA, and Hyojung from Oh My Girl.


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