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The Female Employees of a Game Company is a web-drama based on a webtoon sharing the same name. It stars Irene who plays one of the main characters, Ah-reum, and started airing on July 25, 2016. This also marks as Irene's acting debut.


The story depicts three young women that work at a mobile games company. They are struggling to enter the industry as their games are always dismissed before launching. The web-drama begins as yet another game is scrapped before release. For the next mobile game they most approach a new and unique concept. As the workers overcome work and personal obstacles they find themselves opening up and growing closer to one another.


  • Irene as Ah-reum, a game programmer who specialises in coding.
  • Lee Min Ji as Maci Mel (Marshmell) who is a games graphic designer.
  • Lee Ji Yeon as Yeo Gi Hye who is a game planner.
  • Jang Dong Yoon as Gom Gae Bal who is a game programmer.
  • Lee Joo Young as Joo Yeung (Pudding) who is a games developer.
  • Jung Seung Kil as Chief Meng who is the Team Leader.


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