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To do list

  • Clean out unused photos
  • SM have posted things other than teaser photos for the comeback, like track list, album packaging, ??? million views poster, etc, so post them and add them to the album's galleries under maybe teaser
  • Add missing stages photos (The Show, Show Champion, M Countdown, Music Core, and Inkigayo)
  • Add the music show name and date to the photos in the galleries
  • Add the stages photos the the member's galleries
  • Maybe add dots to the date to the files name of current stages photos that already uploaded?
  • Add song descriptions
  • Add references to things written
  • Maybe fix up the song infobox? add arranger? add arranger on song pages (did all of red velvet and solo/units releases, need to do collabs, features, and ost)
  • Update Awards and Nominations page
  • Add missing pictorial
  • Make pages for the new song releases that came out in the last year by the members
  • Make page for Irene's movie, Joy's drama, and Yeri's web drama
  • Some OST pages have the movie poster and not the actual cover so change it
  • Write more about their activites on their individual pages. I wrote all about their background and solo activites on their individual pages on the kpop wiki so I'm probably just going to take that and put it here since I wrote the whole thing myself
  • There's probably more, but this is all I can think of right now