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WenRene (Wen/dy and I/rene) is the most powerful pairing of Wendy and Irene.

Other Names

  • Irendy (Ire/ne and We/ndy)
  • Werene (We/ndy and I/rene)



  • They are both Korean.
  • They both speak fluent Korean.
  • Both can sing.
  • Both were part of SM Entertainment's pre-debut group, SM Rookies.
  • Both are good at cooking, so in Queendom Restaurant, both are cooks.


  • Wendy trained for 2 years whereas Irene trained for 5 years.
  • Irene was born in 1991 while Wendy was born in 1994.
  • Irene is the oldest in her family, Wendy is the youngest in hers.
  • Wendy can speak fluent English, but Irene can not.
  • Irene is from Daegu, South Korea, whereas Wendy is from Seoul.
  • Irene has her own room, but Wendy shares with Seulgi.
  • Wendy is tolerant to the cold, Irene isn't. On the other end: Irene is extremely tolerant to hot weather, Wendy cannot.


  • They are in the band Red Velvet.
  • Wendy has caught her sleeping with her legs fully split and her upper-body laid against the floor while covering herself with a blanket. Even though Wendy is scared of it, Irene can sleep comfortably in that position.
  • They both were guests together on MBC Quiz to Change the World in 2014.
  • They both were guests together on KBS Hello Counsellor in 2016.
  • When they went Thailand, for the Level Up Project!, they shared a room together.
  • On December 8, 2017, on Red Velvet's official Instagram account, they uploaded a video of them dancing to "Black Suit" by Super Junior.
  • Irene tends to hit Wendy's butt on live performances.
  • Often labelled as the "parent-line" of Red Velvet.
  • Irene said she wants to visit Wendy's house in Canada.
  • Irene is dubbed as the no.1 Wanso (Wendy's Youngstreet's listeners/fans)
  • They both attended Seoul Jazz Festival together. Wendy posted their pictures in Instragram with a caption "사랑하는 사람들과"


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