"Do everything to your best ability with a positive mindset." —Wendy

Wendy Son (born February 21, 1994 in Seongbuk-dong, Seoul. South Korea), better known as just Wendy, is a Korean-Canadian singer and dancer. She is the main vocalist, sub dancer and sub rapper of the South-Korean girl group Red Velvet.


Wendy was born as Son Seung-wan. Her family consists of her parents, an affluent couple, whose names haven't been revealed to the public and her sister, named Son Seung-yeon, who is three years her senior. Wendy spent most of her childhood years in Cheongju, South Korea.

Wendy aspired to become a singer from the age of only six and throughout her life trained to fulfill this goal, as well as learning to play the saxophone, piano, flute and guitar.

At the age of 12, Wendy and her sister, moved to live in the USA and later Canada. Whilst living in the North American continent, Wendy began using the name, Wendy Son and learnt to speak English, French and Spanish, alongside her native Korean. For her education in these countries, she attended Shattuck St Mary's School and Richmond High School.

After graduating high school in 2012, she moved to South Korea to establish a professional singing career. Prior to this in 2010, she auditioned for the "Koreaboo: Cube Entertainment Global Auditions 2011" with an online audition and was picked from over 5,000 videos by Koreaboo and Cube Entertainment to continue to the final round in Vancouver, Canada. G.NA personally picked the 15 finalists with Koreaboo to open for her first solo showcase, held in Vancouver, Canada. In 2012, she auditioned at the 'S.M Global Audition' in Canada and was recognized for her musicality, being able to play several instruments, as well as having strong vocal skills.


S.M. Rookies

Wendy was part of S.M. Entertainment's pre-debut group, S.M. Rookies, along with Red Velvet members IreneSeulgi and Yeri.

A clip of Wendy singing a cover of Taylor Swift's "Speak Now" was released on S.M. Entertainment's official Youtube channel. She also released a track Because I Love You, which was one of the soundtracks of the Mnet drama series, Mimi, which labelmate Changmin starred in, appearing in the music video as well.

Red Velvet

Wendy was assigned to represent the color blue and chosen to be the main vocalist of Red Velvet, which debuted on August 1, 2014.

Solo and Collaboration singing

Wendy has also collaborated with rapper Yuk Ji-dam for the song "Return", one of the OSTs of KBS2's drama Who Are You: School 2015. The song was released on June 8, 2015 and debuted at #31 on the Gaon Singles Chart. She released another song "Let You Know" for the soundtrack of the JTBC drama D-Day on October 16. On January 9, 2016, she became a panelist on We Got Married. On King of Mask Singer (episode 43 aired on January 24, 2016), she participated as a contestant with the stage name "Space Beauty Maetel". Wendy released a collaboration single with Eric Nam titled "Spring Love" on March 4, 2016, as part of S.M. Entertainment's SM Station project.


Since her debut, Wendy has appeared on the variety shows, We Got Married, King of Masked Singer, Trick and True, Raid the Convenience Store and Battle Trip. She made a cameo in the series, Descendants of the Sun and made an appearance in the documentary, SMTown: The Stage.


Wendy has been accused by many K-pop fans of being racist towards Black people mainly after two occasions, the first occurring in 2014, where trying to be comedic, she did an imitation of a Black American woman on the show MBC C-Radio's Idol True Colours and the second occuring in 2018, where she repeated these imitations on TALKMON. Some people have said that whilst these actions were wrong of Wendy, they can't be deemed as racism. Wendy did not apologize for causing offense to the International K-pop fanbase.




  • Stage Name: Wendy (웬디)
  • English Name: Wendy Son
  • Korean Name: Son Seungwan (손승완)
  • Nicknames: Olaf, Wan-ah
  • Birthday: February 21, 1994
  • Birthplace: Seongbuk-dong, Seoul, South Korea.
  • Blood Type: O
  • Height: 160cm
  • Weight: 47kg
  • Position: Main Vocalist, Sub Dancer, Sub Rapper


Digital Single


Year Album Artist Song Note
2016 Ricky Martin Vente Pa' Ca (English Version)


Year Album Song Note
2014 Mimi OST Because I Love You Solo
2015 Who Are You - School 2015 OST Return With Yuk Ji Dam
D-Day OST Let You Know Solo
2016 Uncontrollably Fond OST Don't Push Me With Seulgi
2017 Hwarang OST I Can Only See You
Elena of Avalor OST My Time (Korean Version) Solo
2018 The Beauty Inside OST Goodbye


TV Show

Year Title Network Role Note
2015 100 People, 100 Songs JTBC Contestant with Seulgi
2015–2016 We Got Married MBC Panelist
2016 King of Masked Singer Contestant as "Space Beauty Maetel" (Ep.43)
2016–2017 Trick & True KBS2 Fixed panelist Ep.1
2017 Raid the Convenience Store tvN Host Trial Programming
2018 Battle Trip KBS2 Contestant with Seulgi (Ep.100–103)

Radio DJ

Year Radio Channel Role Note
2015 Kiss the Radio KBS Cool FM Special DJ October 13 with Seulgi
2018 NCT's Night Night! SBS Power FM January 15-18
Young Street


  • Prior to joining SM Entertainment, Wendy used to upload music videos of her singing on YouTube.
  • She can play many musical instruments.
  • Being raised in Canada, she is the only member who can speak in English.
  • She is known as a "reaction queen".
  • The other members picked her as the healthiest member.
  • She also been chosen as the most forgetful member.
  • She tried out for Cube Entertainment before making it as a trainee at S.M. Entertainment in 2012.
  • She was a member of the Richmond Hill HS Show Choir and participated as a soprano.
  • She trained for approximately 2 years under S.M. Entertainment, being cast in 2012.
  • She can imitate Christina Confalonieri.
  • Her favorite number is 77.
  • She represents the colour of blue.
  • Her designated animal is squirrel.
  • She used to share a room with Irene and Seulgi.
  • It was recently revealed that Seulgi is her roommate and that Irene now has her own room
  • She knew she wanted to become a singer since 5.
  • Her habit is moving her eyebrows around a lot.
  • Her zodiac sign is a Pisces, her Chinese zodiac sign is a Dog.
  • Everyone says she's one of the kindest person they know.
  • She used to post/upload videos on Youtube, but had to delete her account after joining SM, but some videos of her singing have been re-uploaded by fans.
  • She said that the members helped her a lot when she was training and that they are her family.
  • In their mini-album "The Red Summer ", she represents an orange.
  • She can speak English fluently since she lived in Canada.
  • In their full-length album "Perfect Velvet", her weapon is scissors.


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