Kim Ye-rim (Hangul: 김예림, born March 5, 1999), better known by her stage name, Yeri, is a South-Korean singer-songwriter, dancer, rapper and television personality. She is the sub vocalist, sub dancer and sub rapper of the South-Korean girl group Red Velvet and was introduced to the group as a new addition on March 11, 2015.

Early life and Career Beginnings

Kim Ye-rim was born in Seoul, South Korea. Her parent's names have not been released to the public, she has three younger sisters, Kim Yoo-rim, Ye-eun, and Chae-eun.

She made a successful audition to SM Entertainment in 2011 and trained under the company for four years.

Yeri attended Hanlim Multi Art High School, which she graduated from in 2018.


S.M. Rookies

Yeri was part of S.M. Entertainment's pre-debut group, S.M. Rookies, along with groupmates IreneSeulgi and Wendy.

She also starred in Red Velvet's debut song Happiness before her debut as a member and was featured in a clip released by the company whereby the S.M. Rookies' members watching and singing along to the song.

Red Velvet

On March 11, 2015, before the announcement of the release of mini-album Ice Cream Cake, Yeri was introduced as a new addition to the group. The mini-album marks as her first appearance.

From May 9 to November 14, 2015, with labelmate Minho from SHINee and N from VIXX, she hosted MBC's music program, Show! Music Core.



Yeri (김예림)

  • Stage Name: Yeri
  • Birth Name: Kim Yerim
  • Nicknames: Squirtle
  • Birthday: March 5, 1999
  • Birthplace: Seoul, South Korea
  • Blood Type: O
  • Height: 160cm
  • Weight: 49kg
  • Position: Sub Vocal, Sub Dancer, Sub Rapper,Maknae


Digital Single


Year Album Artist Song Note
2019 Tuesday GIANT PINK Tuesday is better than Monday


= Participates as writing/composer/arrange

✖ = Not participated as writing/composer/arrange

Discography as a soloist

Album Song Writing Composer Arrange Ref.
N/A 1000 Lyrics
SM Station Season 3 Dear Diary

Other Songs

Album Song Artist Writing Composer Arrange Ref.
Talking Story Ragoon
N/A Close To Me (Red Velvet Remix) Ellie Goulding, Diplo & Red Velvet


TV Shows

Year Title Network Role
2015 Show! Music Core MBC Co-host along with SHINee's Minho and VIXX's N

Music video appearances

Year Song Artist(s) Member(s) Official video(s)
2016 "집 앞에서 (Way Back Home)" J-Min x Shim Eunji Yeri YouTube


  • She was casted by S.M. Entertainment in 2011, training for approximately 4 years.
  • Her nickname is Squirtle, the reason being her resemblance to the character.
  • Her favourite number is 17.
  • She represents the colour violet.
  • Her English name is Katy.
  • Her representative animal is a turtle.
  • Her favourite colour is pink.
  • She likes Hello Kitty.
  • She used to share a room with Irene when she first joined the group.
  • She currently has her own room.
  • She never walked in high heels until she had to film for Red Velvet’s “Automatic” MV.
  • She is very close to Korean Actress Kim Sae Ron. During the radio show "Kangta’s Starry Night" on 170207 she said" I have a soulmate. It’s Kim Sae Ron. She’s one year younger than me but we’re practically like boyfriend girlfriend.”
  • She is also close to Akdong Musician's Soohyun.
  • She has three siblings.
  • She graduated from Hanlim Multi Art School on February 9th, 2018 with only 5% attendance.
  • Her favourite foods are: tuna kimchi fried rice and bread.
  • According to the other members, she is the messiest.
  • She likes strawberry and chocolate ice cream.
  • Yeri is the shortest out of all the members.
  • In their mini-album "The Red Summer ", she represents a grape.
  • In their full-length album "Perfect Velvet", her weapon is a beast.
  • She was good friends with SHINee’s Jonghyun & is good friends with BLACKPINK’s Rosé.
  • She has been friends with LOONA’s Chuu since her days in high school.
  • Since elementary school she was the model student, ranking in 1st place in her class with her grades.
  • On her 1000th day since her debut, she wrote a poem titled "1000", which was uploaded later as a song on Instagram on her birthday.


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